What is Cheer Business VIP?
Cheer Business VIP is your opportunity to get more members, command and deserve higher prices, expand your business, and crush your competition and your goals… all before the end of 2017.
Hyatt Regency Morristown
3 Speedwell Ave
 Morristown, NJ 07960, USA
June 28 - 29, 2017 
Wednesday - Thursday 8AM - 5PM
Time Is Running Out - Register Now
Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee
Your decision to attend CB VIP is backed by our “better than money back” guarantee. If after attending the first full day of the Cheer Business VIP, you do not feel you have received your money’s worth of value to create exponential growth and income in your business, then simply see one of our designated Cheer Business VIP Team Members and we will issue you a full refund for the tuition for the event. Fair enough?
Limited Spaces!

This VIP Conference will fill up FAST, reserve your spot NOW…
Weds June 28 & Thurs June 29th
Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference in Morristown, NJ
Some words from an owner who attended last year's event...
What You Will Learn During This Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference:
If you’re interested in taking your cheer gym to the success level it truly belongs at and want to learn more about delivering the service, systems, and operations that make the Most Financially Successful Cheer Gyms so darn successful, then you absolutely, positively…MUST attend this event!

During this 2 day OWNERS & KEY DECISION MAKERS ONLY workshop event you’ll join All Star Cheer Sites founder, and the Principle Business Builder of The 7 Figure Formula Mastermind, Jason M. Silverman, as well as some Top Level Experts / Success Teachers in a one of a kind business development experience. You’ll surround yourself with a small group of Ass Kicking Gym owners just like you, who want the answers to how to quickly, consistently and effectively grow your gym and positively impact more lives.

This Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference is ONLY for those who are serious about implementing the most cutting edge ideas in your business & enjoying the success that comes with doing so.
** Approval by Jason M. Silverman is required to attend the Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference.

** Anybody with a past due balance with either Silverman Consulting, LLC or All Star Cheer Sites, LLC must resolve all issues before being permitted to attend this event.
--Ask the Expert--
Jason M. Silverman

CEO & Co-Founder of All Star Cheer Sites. Silverman Consulting
Cheer Business Marketing Expert
Jason M. Silverman has been a Featured Expert Speaker at...
The Wednesday / Thursday June 28th-29th Business Owners VIP Conference in Morristown, New Jersey will cover the following:
  • What makes YOUR CHEER GYM more successful than all the other cheer gyms or training facilities out there.
  •  How to easily implement Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Client Engagement and Referral Systems, Processes, and Operations so that you may achieve your desired results.
  •  The secrets behind branding and marketing necessary to drive more members into your gyms.
At this exclusive event you will personally see and experience first hand why so many gym owners who have followed the systems that Jason has shared with the industry are CRUSHING IT RIGHT NOW. Discover why these systems are so unique unique both from the client’s perspective and from the owner/operator’s perspective.

WHAT IS A CHEER BUSINESS VIP CONFERENCE? The CHEER BUSINESS VIP CONFERENCE is your opportunity to allow Jason M. Silverman and his team of RockStar Business Building Experts (#TeamSilverman) to supercharge your business expertise and get answers to your questions.
Questions Like...
  • Am I really running my business like a business?
  •  What can #JasonsArmy & All Star Cheer Sites do for me that I can’t do for myself?
  •  How can these Proven Systems, and a predictable workflow help me achieve greater results?
  •  What does it mean to work ON my business rather than IN my business?
  •  How can I get more freedom by helping more people and working fewer hours?
  •  How do I get and keep more clients?
  •  What turnkey systems and on-going support can and should I be leveraging to grow my business?
What’s in it for you?
Jason M. Silverman, CEO and co-founder of All Star Cheer Sites & The 7 Figure Formula Cheer Mastermind will share with you the 7 Pillars of building a successful business.

Each of the 7 topics below will be covered in depth and through multiple examples.
  • Market and Marketing
  •  Message and Media
  •  Product and Delivery
  •  Community and Relationships
  •  Results
  •  Growth
  •  Powerful Mindset
In addition to the powerful business, operations and support systems, you’ll also discover how the most successful gyms treat their clients, deliver the results, and teach their clients healthier lifelong habits for ongoing client success.

But this isn’t for everyone.

First and foremost, as mentioned above, this is an OWNERS & KEY DECISION MAKERS ONLY EVENT, not the place to bring your coaches, etc. We’ll be focusing on information SPECIFIC TO OWNERS LIKE YOU!

We’ll be moving quickly in order to share all of the success secrets we can. We are looking for people who are ambitious, committed to their success and are passionate about helping others reach their goals.

So if you’re ready to develop all the skills necessary to build the cheer gym of your dreams, and think that this opportunity to be around some of the best and brightest minds currently shaping this industry, then take the first step to register for the June 28th-29th Cheer Business VIP Conference in Morristown, NJ.

The conference is appropriately priced at $399 per person, however, we're currently offering an "early bird" discount where you can save $100. This discount should make this conference do-able by pretty much every owner! Should you wish to bring any key staff members, it's only $199 for each of them

In addition, we promise to treat you like ABSOLUTE ROCKSTARS (the way you DESERVE to be treated…and the way we want you to also treat YOUR clients!)
  • Yummy Breakfast
  •  Fabulous Speakers Who Only Want YOU to Succeed and Thrive
  •  Positive & Supportive Environment
  •  Super FUN Experience
Finally, this event is limited to just 100 Ass Kicking Gym Owners & Key Decision Makers. Please do not drag your feet if you are SERIOUS about growing your gym. This will sell out. Guaranteed.
*You agree to forfeit your reservation fee if you do not show up to the Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference.
When you click the registration button you will be asked to pay the registration fee of $299 (for the first owner and $199 for each additional owner/key decision maker)

Why are we willing to share with a handful of select people the secrets of what makes a Professional Cheer Gym so successful?

That’s easy…

All Star Cheer Sites & the 7 Figure Formula Cheer Mastermind has been consistently growing, much thanks to awesome owners like YOU. We’d like the opportunity to give back and support entrepreneurs who share the same vision as us; and that’s to help positively impact the next generation while enjoying a rewarding and profitable business in the process.

So it just makes sense to show you all of the goodies you need so that you will know what the best course of action is for your individual gym.
What are People Just Like You Saying About Our Events???
*You agree to forfeit your reservation fee if you do not show up to the Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference.
Learn From The BEST!
Attend Cheer Business VIP to learn from an elite group of entrepreneurs, industry innovators, internet & marketing experts who are making multiple six and even seven figures with their businesses.
Expand Your Network
Gain more confidence in your ownership abilities, capabilities in business, and direction in your entrepreneurial path while connecting with other high-level cheer gym business owners from around the globe who have a passion for cheer and a desire for success.
Grow Your Business
Cheer Business  VIP is a unique experience that allows you to learn from industry thought leaders and in-the- trenches cheer business owners who are are using cutting edge sales, marketing, and business strategies to become better entrepreneurs.
A few more case studies...
"I first met Jason at a Regional Cheer Conference in 2014 where he spoke about internet marketing and website design. I remember writing so fast because everything he said I knew I needed to do! Over the next 6 months I implemented as many of the things he had said as possible and we were ready for a new website.   

In January 2015 I had posted about needing a new website and Jason messaged me… little did I know then, that this one interaction would change my life forever. After purchasing a website from Jason, I was added to his Facebook group Cheer Gym Success Secrets. I was amazed at all the information in the group and quickly went to work putting it all in action.   

Late spring 2015 Jason invited me to a conference in New Jersey called VIP. I was unsure and didn’t know if we could afford it, since my husband had recently been in a life altering accident. After lots of talking, we decided I had to go. Jason had already changed my business, I can only imagine what 2 days in a room with him would be like!   

VIP, was mind blowing. Not only the content but the networking was worth every single penny spent. At the end we were offered to join his 7 figure Mastermind group. I remember calling my husband and freaking out cause the monthly cost was more than my monthly mortgage payment. But we took the leap and decided we would give it 6 months… if it didn’t work, we would quit. 

That was over 18 months ago. With Jason’s guidance, systems and team I have grown my business over 243%. I now have systems in place to allow me to concentrate on growing my business. I also have a constant revenue stream that has allowed my family more freedom. I am excited to see where the next 18 months will take Fusion Athletics Green Bay with Jason’s guidance and wisdom. He truly is a master at his craft! Thank You Jason and team for changing my life!"

Melissa Brauer - Fusion Athletics

"I opened my all star cheerleading program 8 years ago because I loved the sport and loved coaching. At that time, I was doing everything and coaching everything. We rented a school and set up and took down mats for each practice.

It grew the first year to the point that we needed our own facility and opened up a 5000 Sq foot space. Fast forward a few years and we were growing every year but I was still doing and being everything and working ALL.THE.TIME. I was focused more in my business than on my business.

Life threw a curve ball at us when my husband and I found out we were expecting triplets. How would I manage to run a business AND have triplets?

I found Jason through Facebook and began by offering Powerful Words to our members and then shortly after set up a website through All Star Cheer Sites. After attending one the VIP events, I was sold that joining Jason's Army was what I needed, my family needed and my business needed to continue to grow.

Since joining, I have been able to step into the role of an owner and focus on building my gym. We have gone from grossing $3000/month on our tumbling program to over $20,000/month. I have been able to set up systems so that I can go away for a weekend with my family and still have events run at our gym with over 250 people in attendance, do a flash sale online that brings in over 30 new trials and know that my staff is running our programs with consistent good quality!

On top of that, we have also continued to grow our family and now have 5 year old triplet boys, a 2 year old daughter and are expecting our fifth. It is with the help of Jason's Army that I have been able to focus on all the important things in life!"

-- Riana Luck - Premier Academy
"Before Jason’s Army, our business was going well, but we were working 80 hours per week. Our kids lived in the gym and it put a lot of stress on my family. Through the systems and marketing tools Jason has given us, we have developed a freedom in our lives. Now, we take vacations, leave at a decent time each night and spend time with our families. In addition to that, we have a great network of people to turn to who understand what we go through on a daily basis and they’re there for support and advice. No matter what the size or longevity of their business, we learn from them. They have incredible ideas that have proven effective in a variety of markets.

Not only have we developed a personal relationship with each of the members in Jason’s Army, but we have the author of the tools at our fingertips! I know Jason is thinking about me and my business because he sees my business from the inside. His brutal honesty is something we appreciate because we know it’s that kind of relationship and vulnerability that will grow our business and provide freedom in our careers.

His team knows us personally and puts so much passion into everything they do for us. From our website, to our app, to our power listings, we’re thrilled with the quality of the products and even more so with the customer service that comes with them.

We have become a pinnacle in our local community as successful entrepreneurs and mentors for other new businesses. It’s because of Jason’s Army that we have the confidence to try knew things and know we have the tools to succeed! The knowledge and passion we’ve gained from Jason’s Army is something we were looking for for years in the cheer industry, and we’ve finally found it!"

-- Danielle Johnston - Twister Sports

“I owned my program for 4 years before opening up my own facility. Our program was very small up until that point so it was easy to manage. Me and small group of kids and parents. But since opening my facility I faced many challenges I was not used to, nor had experience in handling. I found during that first year I had no idea what I was doing, and it was a lot of trial and error. I needed to make a change.

I found Jason Silverman on Facebook while networking in variety of cheerleading groups. At first, I initially read post after post that gave me a little value at a time. After sometime I internally felt that this person is who I need to align myself with to get my business where it needs to be. I attended the very first VIP meeting and from there it completely solidified my thoughts that Jason is the person who I needed to connect with. It was at that same meeting I applied immediately without hesitation for his 7 Figure Mastermind Group, which many months before was recommended to me by another gym owner Danielle, and I have not turned back since.

Since joining Mastermind, I have been able to get my business to run more like a machine than a free for all. We are continually systemizing and improving on every aspect from our business. I have been able to increase my monthly cash flow steadily and exponentially and finally feel confident that I am on the right track! The growth as a person, mentor, and business owner that I am experiencing is more than words can really explain, and I attribute all of that to working with Jason Silverman!”

-- John Mayuga - Cheer Destiny
"I’ve been a part time staff member of my gym since it first opened in 2003. I moved from being a part time staffer all the way up to being the program director. In 2015 becoming fed up with how it was being run I decided to buy it. Under my leadership the business was growing slowly but was still struggling. It was harder to run than I thought.

I knew I needed to get some guidance to grow the technical side of my business So I started by seeking help from a large facebook group of gym owners.

As a member of that group I heard about another group called Cheer Gym Success Secrets. It was in the Cheer Business Success Secrets group that my learning really started. I started to see all the business things that I didn’t know that I didn’t even know! 

As a member of this group I heard about Jason’s 7 Figure Mastermind Group (MM) group. After first hearing about the MM group I remember thinking to myself no way is that for me. No way can I afford that. And anyone who signs up for it must be crazy.

Then Jason offered a two day conference that was focused on the business side of the industry CheerBusiness VIP. It was well priced, It was in NJ (not too far from my home). So I decided to take 2 of my management staff to the VIP event.

I thought it would be a good event and we’d leave with some cool things.

It was one of the best business conferences I’ve ever been too. My staff and I gained a ton of value. But the real eye-opening moment was when I saw Nat, someone I’ve known and respected for years, get on stage and tell her story of her gyms growth. It was literally at that moment that I knew I had to be part off Jason’s MM Group.

I’ve been in MM for about a year now. And it has totally changed my life.

I’ve changed from having a fun hobby that sometimes makes money to a money making business that is fun.

I’m on the path to changing my career away from being a corporate accountant with a gym on the side to being just Business owner.

Jason and mastermind was the key to me achieving some incredible business goals."

-- Karl Pinnock - Ultimate Canadian Cheer
"I never wanted to own a business. I wasn't one of those people with the entrepreneurial bug. My wife and I, we met through cheerleading, loved to coach and loved our families. So when we were presented with the reality that if we didn't buy the gym we coached at it would close mid season we decided to step in and save it. 

We were smart with the money, lowered overhead and got out of the red. We ran the gym with love and a focus on our clients, but for the most part as far as running the business we kept the status quo. We basically did things within the business because that was the way it had always been done. We had no systems in our business and if my wife or I, especially my wife, was not present at the gym our staff couldn't even take a payment if it wasn't a standard check. Teams grew regularly, but I always found myself asking myself a question, why are we not making money. It felt like every month we were scraping by. I was desperate and setting time tables for our exit. Then I talked to Jason Silverman on the phone about our website. I didn’t realize what a pivotal decision I was making for our business. I learned to trust Jason, listen to his advice, take his critiques and grow from it. 

We got the opportunity to send my wife to his first All Star Gym owner VIP conference and were given the opportunity to take a huge risk and join the new 7 figure mastermind group. Truth be told we were nervous. This was a significant bill we would be adding to our monthly overhead, and we already were not paying ourself. However we knew that the problem with our business and it’s solvency was us. So we took the plunge and joined. 

The first mastermind conference felt like an exercise in self deprecation. However without struggle there is no growth. We came out of the conference with a sense of purpose like we had never experienced before. 

Since Joining mastermind we have gone from having 5 class kids paying a drop in fee to having over 100 class athletes on yearly contracts. We learned how to develop business systems that our staff could follow so we could spend less time working in the business and more time working on the business to grow it. We decreased our overhead by over 5k per month and increased our revenue by over 10k just in class athletes. The key was learning to take our pride out of the the equation and simply follow the plan. 

On top of that, by learning how to correctly market and build a brand we were able to take our summer camps program from a paltry 25k per summer to bringing in over 150k in 2 and a half months. 

Jason’s mentorship has truly changed our lives, and for the first time in my life I love being a business owner."

-- Dan Cotton - Oregon Dream Teams
Your decision to attend this Cheer Business VIP Conference is absolutely backed by our better than money back guarantee. If after attending the first full day of the conference and you do not feel you have received your money’s worth of value to create exponential growth and income in your business, then simply see one of our designated team members and we will issue you a full refund for the tuition for the event.

Fair enough?
*You agree to forfeit your reservation fee if you do not show up to the Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference.
Frequently Asked Questions!
When / Where is the Cheer Business VIP Conference?
June 28-29, 2017 at the beautiful Hyatt Morristown in Morristown, NJ.
What times are the sessions?
Sessions take place from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day.
Is the Cheer Business VIP the right event for me if I’m just starting out?
This event is for anyone involved in the Cheer/Dance/Gymnastics industry who wants to take their business to the next level through smarter marketing, better systems and higher profits. Cheer pros from every aspect of the industry will be attending and focusing on building their businesses.
I’m in a small niche of the cheer industry, will the event still apply to me?
Absolutely! Marketing and business strategies will be taught that can be applied to just about any niche market no matter the size. So if you’re in the business of helping other people in some way, shape, or form with their cheer, gymnastics, dance, fitness, and nutrition then this event is for you.
Can my business partner come along with me?
Sure! There is a discounted price for up to 3 additional guests who you want to bring along with you. If you’ve already purchased your ticket and you want to add on additional guests, please email powceo@gmail.com with a copy of your registration receipt and we’ll help you register your guest at the discounted price.
Is there a dress code to attend the event?
Nope, dress however you would like to be seen at an event full of business professionals. Most people wear casual and comfortable clothes. We tend to think of the event as “Business Casual.”
What are my rooming options?
Well if you’re planning on staying for more than one of the days, you will probably need a place to stay. The preferred place of stay is the Hyatt Morristown. Unfortunately, there is no group rate. Please note the hotel sells out quickly, so please book early.
What other hotels are in the area?
In the event you are looking for alternative hotels, here are a few in the area: Best Western Morristown Inn, Hyatt House Morristown, Hyatt House Parsippany, Hilton Parsippany, The Madison Hotel, The Westin Governor Morris, Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel
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Which airport should I fly into?
Newark Liberty International Airport, 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114 is the preferred airport. You can take a Taxi, Uber or Rent a Car (The airport is about 3o minutes from the hotel)
Will food be served?
A light breakfast will be served & Lunch is available at the hotel restaurant. For dinner, the hotel has a restaurant and there are many wonderful restaurants in easy walking distance.
When does registration close?
We’re quite confident that with only 100 available seats, this event will sell out quickly. Once all the tickets are gone, they are GONE and we will not be able to sell anyone any more tickets. As the event date comes closer, the prices will increase, so get yours while they are at the lowest price you will be able to get them for.
What happens if I register and then later find out I can’t attend?
You can send someone in your place, or apply your registration free toward another product or service that we offer.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If after your first full day at Cheer Business Owners Industry VIP Conference, you feel that you did not get at least enough knowledge and information to add another $10,000 in profits to your bottom line, then let us know on the spot and we’ll issues a full refund. Over the last few years we’ve helped hundreds of cheer pros grow their business to massive success by empowering them with the most relevant and proven business systems, marketing resources and success mindset tactics available anywhere and that’s why we’re able to offer such a bold guarantee that’s not offered by any other event in our industry.
*You agree to forfeit your reservation fee if you do not show up to the Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference.
Important Information:
The weather in Morristown, NJ will most likely be in the 70’s
Dress Code
For the general sessions… business casual and comfortable. Bring a light jacket as the conference ballroom may get cold. Cocktail party attire for evening networking should you choose to hit the lounge at the hotel.
Hyatt Regency Morristown 
at Headquarters Plaza

Address: 3 Speedwell Ave, 
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone:(973) 647-1234
Hotel Location

Hyatt Morristown at Headquarters Plaza

Address: 3 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone:(973) 647-1234
Hotel Benefits

Experience the excitement and convenience of city life from the tranquility of our vibrant hotel in Morristown, New Jersey. Situated within a major business center featuring entertainment, shopping and dining, Hyatt Morristown is the ideal downtown destination for business and leisure travelers. When you’re ready to explore the town, we are within walking distance to over 30 restaurants and shops and only minutes from exciting outdoor activities.
About the Hyatt Regency Morristown
Set an 11-minute walk from the Morristown NJT station, this contemporary hotel is also 2.2 miles from the park and mansion at Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

The warmly decorated rooms offer city views, and feature 37-inch flat-screen TVs, work areas and coffeemakers. Minifridges, microwaves and WiFi are available for a surcharge. Suites add sofas, kitchenettes and separate living areas.

Leisure facilities include an indoor pool, a fitness center, a running track, and a spa with a sauna and relaxation treatments. There’s also a grill restaurant, a cafe and a bar that opens on to a terrace, along with 31,000 sq ft of meeting space.
Getting Here

The hotel is about 30 minutes from Newark Liberty Int’l Airport

Please call (973) 647-1234 for more information.

Address & Phone Number
3 Speedwell Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960

(973) 647-1234
Guest Rooms & Suites
Experience the excitement and convenience of city life from the tranquility of our vibrant hotel in Morristown, New Jersey. Situated within a major business center featuring entertainment, shopping and dining, Hyatt Morristown is the ideal downtown destination for business and leisure travelers. When you’re ready to explore the town, we are within walking distance to over 30 restaurants and shops and only minutes from exciting outdoor activities.

Bringing you chic accommodations, inventive cuisine, and uncompromising service, Hyatt Morristown is a comfortable place where the stresses of travel disappear into approachable, casual surroundings. Host a successful meeting, savor a variety of culinary delights or work out in the 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art fitness center. With all that we have to offer, we make it easy for you to enjoy your stay.

Dining Experiences
Eclectic Morristown Restaurants and Nightlife
Dining at our restaurants in Morristown is an eclectic mix of everything from burgers and brews to Blue Crab cakes and Jersey Coast sea scallops. For those with a looking for hearty foods while on the go, our StayFitTM and Healthy Balance menus are the perfect choices to keep you energized and fueled. Using only the freshest ingredients, thoughtfully sourced and carefully served, the cuisine and ambiance of our popular eateries is sure to enhance your experience at Hyatt Morristown at Headquarters Plaza.

When you’re ready to wind down, Qube Lounge and Qube Terrace provide the perfect surroundings for letting go of it all. Slip in to a leather booth and sip and aged bourbon in the Lounge or soak in some sun on the patio at Qube Terrace with a refreshing summer cocktail. Kick off your morning at Eclectic Cup Coffee Bar with a cup of Starbucks® Coffee and a muffin as you head out for a day of meetings or adventures.
*You agree to forfeit your reservation fee if you do not show up to the Cheer Business Owners VIP Conference.
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